Acts Chapter 1

Christ's Resurrection

The disciples are witnesses of Christ's resurrection.

Acts 1:3

Acts 2:32 (P)

Acts 10:40,41

1 Corinthians 15:5-8

Christ Instructing His Disciples about the Completion of the Age

Thus also shall be the coming of the Son of man. See scripture links in Mark 13:32 and Luke 21:34. The Lord answers the disciples' question about the time of His return. "No one knows that but my Father alone".

Acts 1:6,7

Deuteronomy 29:29

Hidden things belong to Jehovah, and the revealed to us and our children.

Matthew 24:36-39 (P)

Matthew 25:31

Mark 13:32

Link with Matt. 24:38,39.

Luke 17:23-26

Luke 21:34

Link with Matt. 24:38,39.

2 Peter 3:4

Christ Instructing His Disciples about the Completion of the Age

As the lightning goes forth from the east and shines in the west so shall be the coming of the Son of man, also v 30 then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven. See scripture link in Mark 13:26 and Luke 21:2. See also many links in Is.2:12.

Acts 1:6,7,11

Isaiah 2:12

Zechariah 9:14

Matthew 24:27,30 (P,M)

The Lord answers the disciples question of Vs.3, what is the sign of thy coming.

Mark 13:26

Link with Matt 24:27,30.

Luke 17:24

Luke 21:27

Link with Matt.24:27.30.

Christ Instructing His Disciples about the Completion of the Age

Disciples ask: "Lord is it at this time that thou restorest the kingdom to Israel". The Lord replies "it is not yours to know times and seasons which the Father has placed in His own authority". See Dan 9:1,2,24-27, Matt 24:3-42 and 36-39.

Acts 1:6,7 (P)

Daniel 9:1,2,24-27

See also chart of 70 weeks in Dan.9.

Matthew 24:3-42

Matthew 24:36-39

1 Timothy 6:15

The appearing of our Lord Jesus in its own time. Note The timing of the appearing is especially in the Fathers hand. Not to be confused with the rapture as some do.

JT v48, pp409,410

Important note about the book of Revelation further opening up the times and the seasons.

Christ Instructing His Disciples about the Completion of the Age

Christ taken up and a cloud received Him out of their sight. Two men said He would come in the same manner as He went up. See Psalm 68:18 for His ascending up and Zech.14:3,4 for His return. See similar idea of the Shekinah glory departing and its return.

Acts 1:9-11 (P,M)

Psalms 68:18

Ezekiel 11:23

Shekinah glory departs. Note mountain is the mount of olives, probably.

Ezekiel 43:2-5

Shekinah glory returns.

Zechariah 14:3,4

JND v2, pp340

JND Collected writings.

JND v2, pp290-300

JND Collected writings.

JND v5, pp116

JND Collected writings.

JND v11, pp212

JND Collected writings.

The Coming Messiah

Messiah's feet standing on the mount of olives, and a violent earthquake changing the topography of Jerusalem. Christ's return as spoken of in Acts 1:9-12.

Acts 1:9-12

The place ( mount of olives) where Christ was taken up into heaven ,is the place where he will return.

Ezekiel 40:2

Joel 3:12

Micah 1:2-4

Nahum 1:5

Haggai 2:9

Zechariah 14:3,4 (P,M)

Luke 24:50

Christ carried up into heaven at Bethany

Revelation 16:18-21

JND v11, pp277

JND Collected writings


3rd SIGN: She brings forth a male son, who shall shepherd the the nations with an iron rod. He is caught up to God. See references below.

Acts 1:9

Psalms 2:6-9

Psalms 68:18

Isaiah 9:6,7

Isaiah 32:1,2

Micah 5:2

Revelation 2:27

Revelation 12:5 (P)

JND v5, pp35,36

JND Collected writings.

JT v48, pp438

JND v11, pp242

JND Collected writings.

JND v11, pp246,249

JND Collected writings.

JND v11, pp113

Translation, (Rapture) and Ascension

The Lord coming for His saints (called the Rapture). See many references in Gen 5:23,24 and John 14:1-3. This is the key scripture that helps make the other links valid.

Acts 1:9

The Lord taken up. Will come back in the manner in which ye have beheld him going into heaven vs.11 ( see Zech 14:3,4).

Genesis 5:23,24

Mark 16:19

The Lord taken up to heaven.

Luke 24:51

The Lord carried up to heaven.

John 14:1-3

Ephesians 4:8-10

Christ ascended up on high.

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 (P)

1 Timothy 3:16

Christ received up in glory.

Revelation 4:1

Door, voice, trumpet, come up hear. Similar to 1Thess.4:16.

Revelation 11:11,12

Two witnesses went up to the heaven in a cloud.

Revelation 12:5

Her child caught up to God.

JT v5, pp252

JT v5, pp238

JT v7, pp501-504

JT v48, pp270-285

JT v48, pp286-305

JND v2, pp308

JND Collected wtitings.

JND v2, pp296,298

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JBS v2, pp471,476,478

JND v11, pp116,117

Christ's ascension at God's right hand.

Acts 1:9-11

Psalms 68:18 (P,M)

Psalms 110:1

Mark 16:19

John 6:62

John 20:17

Acts 2:34

Ephesians 4:8

Hebrews 1:3

Hebrews 4:14

Hebrews 8:1

Hebrews 10:12

Revelation 12:5

Day of the Lord (Judgement in the Tribulation)

Also involving Christ's appearing. See further references in Joel 2:1,2.

Acts 1:11

Psalms 2:1-9

Psalms 11:6

Psalms 82:8

Isaiah 2:12 (P,M)

Isaiah 11:4,11

Isaiah 13:6-10

Isaiah 24:21-23

Isaiah 30:30-33

Isaiah 34:3-8

Isaiah 63:1-6

Isaiah 66:15,16

Jeremiah 25:15,30-33

Ezekiel 13:5

Ezekiel 20:33

Ezekiel 30:3

Daniel 2:35,44,45

Daniel 7:10-12

Daniel 8:26

Daniel 9:26

Daniel 9:27

Daniel 11:36-39

Daniel 12:1

Joel 1:15

Joel 2:1,2

See further references as to the trumpet, darkness ect.

Joel 2:11,31

Joel 2:12

See footnote "i" JND bible

Joel 3:2,3,9-17

Amos 5:18,20

Obadiah 1:15

Micah 4:11-13

Zephaniah 1:7,14-18

Zephaniah 2:11

Zephaniah 2:2

Zephaniah 3:8

Haggai 2:6-8,20,21

Zechariah 12:1-4

Zechariah 14:1-5

Malachi 4:1-6

Matthew 10:15

Matthew 24:21

Matthew 24:27,30

Matthew 24:37-39

Matthew 26:64

Mark 13:19,26

Luke 21:27

Acts 2:20

Colossians 3:4

Could also be related to being with Christ after the rapture.

1 Thessalonians 1:10

1 Thessalonians 2:19

Could be his public appearing or private coming for his saints.

1 Thessalonians 3:13

1 Thessalonians 5:1-4,9

2 Thessalonians 1:7-10

2 Thessalonians 2:2,4,8

1 Timothy 6:14

2 Timothy 4:1,8

Titus 2:13

Hebrews 9:27,28

James 5:7,8

1 Peter 1:7,13

1 Peter 2:12

1 Peter 4:13

2 Peter 2:9

2 Peter 3:10

Jude 1:14-15

Revelation 1:7

Revelation 3:10

Revelation 11:2,3

Revelation 13:4,5,13-15

Revelation 14:10-20

Revelation 16:13-16

Revelation 19:11-20

Revelation 20:11,13,15

The Glory departing, but the promise of it and the Messiah returning on the mount of olives.

Acts 1:11 (P,M)

Ezekiel 11:23 (P,M)

Zechariah 14:4 (P,M)

Christ's Appearing in Judgement and Glory

Christ responds to the voice of adjuration by speaking of His coming glory in His appearing. See many references in Psalm 110:1, Dan. 7:13 and especially Isaiah 2:12, for most links.

Acts 1:11

Psalms 110:1

Isaiah 2:12

Daniel 7:13

Matthew 26:64 (P,M)

Mark 14:62

Luke 17:24,30

Luke 22:69

Revelation 1:7

Revelation 19:11-16

Times of the Gentiles

Ancient of days in v 9,10 sets out the Messiah in His judicial garb and glory, judging those on the earth and dealing with the beast. See links below of His judicial appearances and actions. See Chart of description of Christ in Dan.7,10 And Rev.1:1.

Acts 1:11

Daniel 7:9,10 (P,M)

Daniel 10:5,6

Matthew 19:28

Luke 22:30

2 Corinthians 6:2,3

2 Timothy 2:12

2 Peter 3:5-7

His throne flames of fire. Dan. 7:9.

Revelation 1:12-16

Judicial appearance in relation to the 7 churches.

Revelation 6:9

Revelation 19:2

Revelation 20:4-6

JT v48, pp516,517

Christ carried up into heaven at Bethany. (See also Acts 1:11,12 Mount of Olives), the place where He will return; Zech.14:3,4.

Acts 1:11,12

Zechariah 14:3,4

Luke 24:50,51. (P,M)

Betrayal of Christ

Peter going over the history of Judas. See many references in Psalm 41:9.

Acts 1:15-20 (P)

Psalms 41:9

Betrayal of Christ

Christ betrayed by Judas. See most links Ps.55:12-14.

Acts 1:15-20

Psalms 31:11 (P)

Psalms 38:11-12 (P)

Psalms 41:9 (P,M)

Psalms 55:12-14

Psalms 69:25

Psalms 88:18

Psalms 109:8

Zechariah 11:12

Matthew 26:47

Matthew 27:3-10

Mark 14:43

Luke 22:47,48

John 13:18-30

John 18:1-12

Betrayal of Christ

Christ betrayed by Judas.

Acts 1:15-20

Psalms 41:9

Psalms 55:12-14 (P)

Psalms 69:7,9

Psalms 88:18

Jeremiah 32:6-9 (M)

The 30 pieces of silver used to buy the potter's field, after Judas has returned the money.

Zechariah 11:12

Matthew 26:47

Matthew 27:3-10

Mark 14:43

Luke 22:47,48

John 13:18-30

John 18:1-12

Betrayal of Christ

Christ betrayed by Judas for 30 pieces of silver.

Acts 1:16-20

Exodus 21:32

Price of a slave.

Psalms 41:9

Psalms 55:13

Psalms 69:25

Zechariah 11:12 (P)

Matthew 26:1,2,14,15,24

Matthew 27:3-10

Mark 14:21

Mark 14:43

Luke 22:47,48

John 13:18,19,26-30

John 18:6

Betrayal of Christ

30 pieces of silver used to purchase field of blood (potter's field) to become a burying field for strangers. See many links in Zech.11:12.

Acts 1:16-20

Psalms 69:25

Zechariah 11:13 (P)

Matthew 27:3-10

The fate of Judas the betrayer, and the blood field Alceldama.

Acts 1:19-20 (P)

Psalms 69:25 (P)

Psalms 109:8 (P)

Hint of Judas.

Acts 1:20

Psalms 69:25

Psalms 109:8 (G)

Enemies of Christ become desolate. (Judas & Pharisees etc.)

Acts 1:20

Psalms 69:25 (P,G)

Matthew 23:38

Matthew 27:3-10