A few charts are a bit speculative. So one would welcome suggestions. They are as follows:

10 Tribes and 2 Tribes

1260,1290, and 1335 days

Half week of Daniel 9

Headings on the Psalms
Headings on the chapters was copied from an unknown source. The headings for the books are from J.N.Darby.

List of Charts

10 Tribes and 2 Tribes

1260, 1290 and 1335 Days

70 Weeks in Daniel 9

70 Weeks in Daniel 9 (2)

Brief History of Daniel 11

Events of Kings, Chronicles, Lamentation and Jeremiah

Feasts of Jehovah

Half Week in Daniel 9

Headings of the Psalms

Judgement Curses Between Deuteronomy and Lamentations

Judicial Features of Christ in Daniel and Revelation

Offerings Levitical and Millenial

Similarities Between Ezekiel and Revelation

Sufferings and Glories of Christ in Luke 24

The Great Image

Twelve Tribes of Israel