Daniel Chapter 8


Times of the Gentiles

History of the Medo-Persian empire seen in the ram who conquers the Babylonian empire. Ram, Medo-Persia seen in the 2 horns. Higher horn Persia. Note remarkable reference prophetically to Cyrus in Isaiah 45:1-7.

Daniel 8:3-7,19-22 (P)

Isaiah 45:1-7

Cyrus and the return from exile of Judah under the Medo-Persian empire.

Daniel 5:30,31

Fall of the Babylonian empire.

Times of the Gentiles

History of Greek empire, and after Alexander's death, broken into 4 divisions. Antiochus E. arises to bring in the abomination of the sanctuary. Goat Greece, great horn Alexander, broken horn his death,4 horns his generals, small horn Antiochus E.

Daniel 8:8-14

Antiochus Epiphanes may be a type of the beast but also more likely a type of the king of the north (Dan.11:40). Note vs.14, the sanctuary is cleansed after the revolt of Judas Maccabeus against Antiochus E.Result is the feast of Hanukkah.

Daniel 11:3-35

Further details of Greek empire to Antiochus Epiphanes.

Daniel 8:19-22

Further details of Medo-Persia, and Greek empires.

Beast and False Prophet

The great image has feet part of iron,and part of clay. This points to the revived Roman empire of the beast and false prophet. Could also be the Assyrian.

Daniel 8:9,24

Isaiah 28:14,15

Daniel 2:32,33,41-45 (P)

Daniel 7:21-26

Daniel 9:27

Daniel 11:36-39

Daniel 11:40

Zechariah 11:15-17

Matthew 24:15

Mark 13:14

John 5:43

He comes in his own name in contrast to Christ who comes in his Father's name.

2 Thessalonians 2:3,4

Revelation 13:1-18

Revelation 14:9,10

Revelation 16:10,16

Revelation 17:11-14

Revelation 20:10

JT v48, pp513

JND v2, pp310-321

JND Collected writings.


All nations call her blessed. A delightsome land, see links to "beulah", "married" in Isaiah 62:4 and "beauty" in Dan. 8:9. Also the Millennium in Psalm 72:1-19.

Daniel 8:9

See footnote "f" in J.N.D.bible.

Psalms 72:1-19

Isaiah 62:4

See footnotes "d" & "e" in J.N.D.bible.

Malachi 3:12 (P)

The Assyrian

See connection between Gog and Magog and the Assyrian in Gen.10:2,3, and Ezekiel 38&39. Note chart in Ezek 38,39 ( 10 tribes and 2 tribes) comparing Israel under the Assyrian and Judah under the fourth beast (Roman empire).

Daniel 8:23-26

Genesis 10:2-3

Psalms 74:10

Isaiah 10:5,23-25 (P)

Isaiah 14:24-27

Isaiah 30:30-33

Ezekiel 38:2-16

Ezekiel 39:1-16

Joel 2:20

Micah 5:5-9

Zechariah 11:17

Possibly the worthless shepherd is the Assyrian?

JND v11, pp326

JND Collected writings.

JND v4, pp64-74

JND Notes and Comments vol.4

Times of the Gentiles

King of fierce countenance. Who is he? Like Antiochus Epiphanes (king of the north) or the world ruler beast of Rev.13.More likely king of the north.See J.N.D's comments C/W Vol.5 pgs.156-158& N/C vol.4 pgs.65-75.

Daniel 8:23-25 (P)

Note his destruction by the Prince of princes possibly indicating the Messiah.

Isaiah 2:12

Daniel 7:20

Daniel 7:21,22

Daniel 7:25

Daniel 11:40-45

He in vs. 40,41 is the big question? Is it the beast or the king of the north? See J.N.D.Notes and Comments Vol.4 Pgs.65-74 and Coll. Writings Vol. 5 Pg.156-158.

JND v5, pp156-158

JND Collected writings

JND v4, pp65-75

JND Notes and Comments vol. 4

Close the words and seal the book, till the time of the end. Contrast to the opening up of future events by Christ and the apostles (Matt 24, Thess., Peter, Rev. etc). Note also frantic activity, restlessness, and rapid increase of knowledge current today

Daniel 8:26

Jeremiah 32:11

A good example of what is sealed and what is open, related to Isreal in the coming day.

Daniel 12:4,9,13 (P)

Revelation 10:4

Revelation 22:10

Seal not the prophecy of this book. At the time of the end things were to be opened up in contrast to Dan. 12:2,9.

Times of the Gentiles

Close up (seal) the vision of the evenings and the mornings, for it refers to many days in the future. See links to "seal", in Daniel and Rev.

Daniel 8:26 (P)

Daniel 12:4,9,13

Revelation 10:4

Revelation 22:10

A mighty angel announces no further delay. The description of this angel has similar parallels to Christ in Rev 1:12-16, 5:2, 8:3 and other OT references in Ezek 1:26-28, 40:3, Dan 8:26,27, 10:4-6, and 12:9.

Daniel 8:26,27

Ezekiel 1:26-28

Ezekiel 40:3

Daniel 10:4-6

Daniel 12:9

Revelation 1:12-16

Revelation 5:2

Revelation 8:3

Revelation 10:1-7 (P)

JND v5, pp30,31

JND Collected writings. Note comment about the rainbow Vs.2 on pg. 30.

JT v48, pp432-453

JND v2, pp192

JND Collected writings. Notes on the Revelation.

Seal the things which the seven thunders have spoken, and write them not. See contrast to Rev 22:10. Note references to sealing in Dan 8:26 and 12:4,9,13.

Daniel 8:26

Daniel 12:4,9,13

Revelation 10:4 (P)

JT v48, pp437,439

He said to John, "seal not the words of the prophecy of this book. The time is near". See Links below.

Daniel 8:26

The opposite. Daniel told to close thou up the vision, for it is for many days to come.

Daniel 12:4,9

Daniel told to close the words, and seal the book, till the time of the end.

Revelation 10:4

John told to seal the things which the 7 thunders have spocken, and write them not.

Revelation 22:10 (P)

JND v5, pp104

JND Collected writings.

Day of the Lord (Judgement in the Tribulation)

Also involving Christ's appearing. See further references in Joel 2:1,2.

Daniel 8:26

Psalms 2:1-9

Psalms 11:6

Psalms 82:8

Isaiah 2:12 (P,M)

Isaiah 11:4,11

Isaiah 13:6-10

Isaiah 24:21-23

Isaiah 30:30-33

Isaiah 34:3-8

Isaiah 63:1-6

Isaiah 66:15,16

Jeremiah 25:15,30-33

Ezekiel 13:5

Ezekiel 20:33

Ezekiel 30:3

Daniel 2:35,44,45

Daniel 7:10-12

Daniel 9:26

Daniel 9:27

Daniel 11:36-39

Daniel 12:1

Joel 1:15

Joel 2:1,2

See further references as to the trumpet, darkness ect.

Joel 2:11,31

Joel 2:12

See footnote "i" JND bible

Joel 3:2,3,9-17

Amos 5:18,20

Obadiah 1:15

Micah 4:11-13

Zephaniah 1:7,14-18

Zephaniah 2:11

Zephaniah 2:2

Zephaniah 3:8

Haggai 2:6-8,20,21

Zechariah 12:1-4

Zechariah 14:1-5

Malachi 4:1-6

Matthew 10:15

Matthew 24:21

Matthew 24:27,30

Matthew 24:37-39

Matthew 26:64

Mark 13:19,26

Luke 21:27

Acts 1:11

Acts 2:20

Colossians 3:4

Could also be related to being with Christ after the rapture.

1 Thessalonians 1:10

1 Thessalonians 2:19

Could be his public appearing or private coming for his saints.

1 Thessalonians 3:13

1 Thessalonians 5:1-4,9

2 Thessalonians 1:7-10

2 Thessalonians 2:2,4,8

1 Timothy 6:14

2 Timothy 4:1,8

Titus 2:13

Hebrews 9:27,28

James 5:7,8

1 Peter 1:7,13

1 Peter 2:12

1 Peter 4:13

2 Peter 2:9

2 Peter 3:10

Jude 1:14-15

Revelation 1:7

Revelation 3:10

Revelation 11:2,3

Revelation 13:4,5,13-15

Revelation 14:10-20

Revelation 16:13-16

Revelation 19:11-20

Revelation 20:11,13,15