Isaiah Chapter 28

Drunkards of Ephraim. Note this may be one of the reasons Ephraim is not one of the 144,000 in Rev.7:4-8. See Gen. 49:3-27 references and chart Gen.49. of 12 tribes.

Isaiah 28:1- (G)

Genesis 49:3-27

Revelation 7:4-8

The Assyrian

The Assyrian, see many references in Isaiah 10:5,23,25. Note JND's comments about this below in Vol.11 Pg.328,329 and notes and comments Vol.4 pgs.64-74.

Isaiah 28:2

Isaiah 10:5,23,25

Isaiah 30:31 (P)

Isaiah 31:8 (P)

Asshur is Assyria.

Isaiah 34:2-8

Micah 5:5-9 (P)

JND v11, pp328,329

JND Collected writings.Note connections in Isaiah about the Assyrian in ch. 10 and 30.related to Ezekiel 38,39.

JND v4, pp64-74

JND Notes and Comments vol.4

God judges and destroys most of the northern confederacy with pestilence, fire and brimstone, great hailstones, and earthquakes.

Isaiah 28:2

Ezekiel 38:20-22 (P)

Joel 2:30

Haggai 2:6

Zechariah 14:4

Matthew 24:7

Revelation 6:12

Revelation 8:5,7

Revelation 9:18

Revelation 11:13,19

Revelation 16:21

JND v11, pp330

JND Collected writings. God glorified at the destruction of Gog.


1st TRUMPET: Hail and fire, mingled with blood. One third of the earth, trees and green grass were burnt up. See links below.

Isaiah 28:2

Ezekiel 38:22

Joel 2:30

Revelation 8:7 (P)

Revelation 8:8,9

Revelation 9:18

JND v5, pp27

JND Collected writings.

Day of the Lord (Judgement in the Tribulation)

Lightning, fire and hail. Judgment against the Assyrian. Fire from the Lord's mouth. See many references in Isaiah 2:12,11:4,28:2

Isaiah 28:2

Isaiah 2:12

Isaiah 10:5,23,25

Judgment on the Assyrian.

Isaiah 11:4

Christ smiting the nations with the rod of His mouth.

Isaiah 30:30-33 (P)

JND v11, pp328

JND Collected writings.Note comments on the Assyrian Ezek.chs. 38 and 39.


7th BOWL: A great hail as of a talent weight comes down out of heaven; and men blasphemed God because the plague of hail was so exceedingly great. See many references below.

Isaiah 28:2

Exodus 9:23,25

Job 38:22

Ezekiel 38:22

Revelation 11:19

Revelation 16:21 (P)

Note. A talent is about 75lbs. If so a hail stone's diameter could be estimated at 16". This is so powerful it could further destroy anything left after the great earthquake.

Revelation 16:9

Men blastphemed God.

Judgment of hail.

Isaiah 28:2 (P)

Exodus 9:23-25

Ezekiel 38:22

Joel 2:30

Revelation 8:7

Revelation 16:21

Final bowl judgment.

The Remnant

See most references in Isaiah 10:20-22.

Isaiah 28:5,6 (P)

Isaiah 10:20-22

JND v11, pp131,132

JND Collected writings.

The Remnant

See also chart of the headings of the Psalms, for many references to the remnant.

Isaiah 28:5,6

Isaiah 1:9

Isaiah 7:3

A remnant shall return, see foot note "i" in J.N.D. bible.

Isaiah 8:16,17

Isaiah 10:20-22 (P)

Note interesting footnote"f" in about a consumption and scripture links.

Isaiah 11:11,16

Isaiah 14:1-3

Isaiah 17:6,7

Hint only of the remnant.

Isaiah 25:4

Isaiah 33:14-17

Isaiah 37:31-32

Isaiah 46:3

Jeremiah 6:9

Jeremiah 23:3

Jeremiah 31:7

Ezekiel 6:8

Ezekiel 12:16 (P)

Ezekiel 20:33-38

10 tribes, Isreal pass under the rod.

Joel 2:32

Micah 2:12

Micah 4:6-8

Micah 5:3

Zephaniah 3:13

Zechariah 8:6,12

Zechariah 12:10

Zechariah 13:8,9

One third of Judah saved. Compare this to the 10 tribes who pass under the rod, Ezek.20:33-38.

Matthew 10:21-23

Matthew 24:9-14

Romans 9:27-29

Romans 11:5,13

Revelation 12:17

Revelation 19:17,18,21

JND v11, pp127

JND Collected writings. Note most interesting comments about the remnant and the Church related to the latter days.

JND v11, pp121

JND Collected writings.

Day of the Lord (Judgement in the Tribulation)

Stone cut out without hands sets out Christ, as dealing with all enemies, becoming a great mountain and filling the whole earth (introducing the Millennium). See Isaiah 2:12,and references of Christ as stone and rock.

Isaiah 28:6

Psalms 2:9

Psalms 118:22,23

Isaiah 2:12

Isaiah 8:14

Daniel 2:35,44,45 (P,M)

Matthew 21:44

Romans 9:33

1 Peter 2:6

JT v48, pp512

JND v2, pp317,332

JND Collected writings. Note important difference of prophetic events of Daniel compared to Ezekiel in pg. 332.

When the beast makes a 7 yr. covenant with unbelieving Israel(Judah,not the 10 tribes)?, or the Assyrian? See most references in Daniel 9:27. Note in JND's vol.2 pg.368 difference of Judah's recovery (Zech.13:8,9) and 10 tribes (Ezek.20:32-39).

Isaiah 28:14-15 (P)

This covenant was actually made with Egypt at the time , so it has a secondary reference to the covenant made with the Antichrist.

Daniel 9:27

JND v2, pp368,369

JND Collected writings,Note comments on Judah and the 10 tribes.

JND v11, pp327

Beast and False Prophet

The great image has feet part of iron,and part of clay. This points to the revived Roman empire of the beast and false prophet. Could also be the Assyrian.

Isaiah 28:14,15

Daniel 2:32,33,41-45 (P)

Daniel 7:21-26

Daniel 8:9,24

Daniel 9:27

Daniel 11:36-39

Daniel 11:40

Zechariah 11:15-17

Matthew 24:15

Mark 13:14

John 5:43

He comes in his own name in contrast to Christ who comes in his Father's name.

2 Thessalonians 2:3,4

Revelation 13:1-18

Revelation 14:9,10

Revelation 16:10,16

Revelation 17:11-14

Revelation 20:10

JT v48, pp513

JND v2, pp310-321

JND Collected writings.

Present Day of Grace

Whoever believes will not be ashamed. See Isaiah 28:16, trusting on Christ as the corner stone.

Isaiah 28:16

Romans 10:11,12 (P)

Stone Which the Builders Rejected Becomes the Head of the Corner

Note: It is commented that Psalm 118 is more often quoted in the N.T. than any other in the O.T. Note the stone which the builders rejected as the rock goes through our dispensation (Matt 16:18 and the coming age Dan. 2:45)

Isaiah 28:16

Genesis 49:24

Psalms 118:22,23 (P,M)

Isaiah 8:14

Daniel 2:45

Zechariah 3:9

Zechariah 4:7

Matthew 16:16-20

Matthew 21:42

Mark 12:10

Luke 20:17

Acts 4:11

Romans 9:33

Ephesians 2:20,21

1 Peter 2:6-8

Stone Which the Builders Rejected Becomes the Head of the Corner

See most references in Psalm 118:22,23

Isaiah 28:16 (P)

Psalms 118:22,23

Romans 10:11,12

"No one believing on him shall be ashamed", links with Isaiah 28:16 "He that trusteth shall not make haste".


Healing of the ears, eyes, heart and tongue in the Millennium. See most references in Isaiah 28:18,19.

Isaiah 28:18,19

Isaiah 32:3,4 (P)