Acts Chapter 4

Christ's Resurrection

Christ's resurrection and reward.

Acts 4:10

Psalms 16:10,11 (P,M)

Psalms 21:4

Matthew 12:38-40

Matthew 28:5,6

Mark 16:6

Luke 24:6,7

John 20:9

Acts 2:25-27

Acts 13:34,35

Romans 8:34

1 Corinthians 15:4,20

JND v11, pp137

JND Collected writings.

Present Day of Grace

Peter's preaching after the lame man was healed, saying that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, God has raised from the dead. See reference about Jesus the Nazarean in Acts 3:6-11 and Christ risen Psalm 16:10,11.

Acts 4:10 (P)

Psalms 16:10,11

Acts 3:6-11

JND v2, pp302

JND Collected writings.

Christ as Branch and Root

The name of Jesus Christ the Nazarean causes the lame man to rise up and walk. See references to Netzer in Matt.2:23 and Isaiah 4:2,and 11:1,10.

Acts 4:10

Isaiah 4:2

Isaiah 11:1,10

Matthew 2:23

See footnote "d" in J.N.D. bible.

Acts 3:6-11 (P)

Stone Which the Builders Rejected Becomes the Head of the Corner

Note: It is commented that Psalm 118 is more often quoted in the N.T. than any other in the O.T. Note the stone which the builders rejected as the rock goes through our dispensation (Matt 16:18 and the coming age Dan. 2:45)

Acts 4:11

Genesis 49:24

Psalms 118:22,23 (P,M)

Isaiah 8:14

Isaiah 28:16

Daniel 2:45

Zechariah 3:9

Zechariah 4:7

Matthew 16:16-20

Matthew 21:42

Mark 12:10

Luke 20:17

Romans 9:33

Ephesians 2:20,21

1 Peter 2:6-8

Stone Which the Builders Rejected Becomes the Head of the Corner

The stone which set at nought by you builders is become the head of the corner. See Psalm 118:22,23.

Acts 4:11 (P,M)

Psalms 118:22,23

Nations in agitation.

Acts 4:25,26

Psalms 2:1 (P)

Habakkuk 2:13

Revelation 11:18

Nations in agitation against Jehovah and His Anointed.

Acts 4:25,26

Psalms 2:2 (P,M)

Psalms 31:13

Matthew 12:14

Revelation 16:16

Revelation 17:13,14

Revelation 19:19,20

Answer to the priests, captain of the temple, and Sadducees. The company lifted up their voice with one accord, quoting Psalm 2:1,2, which had a present bearing, but also future in the day of the Lord.

Acts 4:25,26 (P)

Psalms 2:1,2

JND v5, pp118

JND Collected writings. Note footnote at bottom of pg. 118.