Job Chapter 38

Judgements of hail, see main reference Rev.16:21(7th bowl judgement)

Job 38:22-23 (P)

Genesis 9:23

Ezekiel 38:22

Revelation 8:7

Revelation 11:19

Revelation 16:21

Voices and thunder and an earthquake and great hail. See references below.

Job 38:22,23

Ezekiel 38:20-22

Revelation 8:7

Revelation 11:19 (P)

Revelation 16:18,21

JT v48, pp444


7th BOWL: A great hail as of a talent weight comes down out of heaven; and men blasphemed God because the plague of hail was so exceedingly great. See many references below.

Job 38:22

Exodus 9:23,25

Isaiah 28:2

Ezekiel 38:22

Revelation 11:19

Revelation 16:21 (P)

Note. A talent is about 75lbs. If so a hail stone's diameter could be estimated at 16". This is so powerful it could further destroy anything left after the great earthquake.

Revelation 16:9

Men blastphemed God.