Isaiah Chapter 29

Note these enemies are all around Israel at present. This war could well be separate from Ez. 38,39 and Rev.19:19-21. ** See links of those gathered against Israel and Jerusalem.

Isaiah 29:7,8


Psalms 83:1-18 (P)

Ezekiel 38:9-13 (P)


Micah 4:11 (P)


Zechariah 14:2,3 (P)


Revelation 16:16 (P)



The Millennial day, blessings and restoration in nature, healing,return etc. See Psalm 72 Millennium, Isaiah 11:16 highways, 29;8, healing, Deut.30:3,4 regathering, Isaiah 11:6 animal kingdom.

Isaiah 29:8


Deuteronomy 30:3-10


Psalms 72:1-19

Isaiah 11:16


Isaiah 11:6

Animal kingdom.

Isaiah 35:1-10 (P)

Isaiah 51:3

Make her wilderness like Eden.

No heart to percieve, no ears to hear.

Isaiah 29:10

Deuteronomy 29:4 (P)

Psalms 69:22,23

Isaiah 6:9,10

Romans 11:7-10

They would not hear. Also looks to the time of Christ speaking in parables Psalm 78:2-4.

Isaiah 29:10

Psalms 69:22

Psalms 78:2-4

Isaiah 6:9,10 (P)

Isaiah 53:1

Matthew 13:13-17,34,35

John 12:40

Acts 28:25-27

Romans 11:7-10

JND v11, pp269

JND Collected writings.

Jehovah has poured upon Israel (Judah), a spirit of deep sleep.

Isaiah 29:10 (P)

Deuteronomy 29:4

Isaiah 6:9,10

Romans 11:7-10

Setting aside the wisdom of the wise.

Isaiah 29:14 (G)

Matthew 11:25

1 Corinthians 1:19

Setting aside the wisdom of the wise. See 1 Cor 1:19.

Isaiah 29:14

1 Corinthians 1:19 (G)

The Coming Messiah

The Messiah coming to execute judgment but also as the Sun of Righteousness to bring in healing.(See 2 Sam.23:4 and Matt.17:2 re Sun). Note other links, Day of the Lord Isaiah 2:12, Millennium Psalm 72:1-19, and healing Isaiah 29:18,19.

Isaiah 29:18,19

2 Samuel 23:4

Psalms 72:1-19

Isaiah 2:12

Malachi 4:1-3 (P,M)

Note the O.T.ends with the Sun of Righteousness and the N.T. with the Bright and Morning Star Rev.22:16.

Matthew 17:2

Luke 1:78

Dayspring from on high,see footnote "d" in J.N.D. bible, rising ,like 2 Sam 23:4.

James 5:14,15


2 Peter 1:19

Day dawn and morning star.

2 Peter 3:5-7

The day cometh burning as a furnace. Mal.4:1.

Christ's Public Service During the 3 1/2 Years

Christ taking on their infirmities and bearing their diseases. See Isaiah 53:4 and healing prior to the Millennium in Isaiah 29:18.

Isaiah 29:18,19

Isaiah 53:4

Matthew 8:16,17 (P,M)

The Kingdom

Christ speaks to His people of the kingdom of God and healed those in need. See many references in Matt 5,6 and 7, and healing in Isaiah 29:18.

Isaiah 29:18

Healing for the blind and needy.

Matthew 5:1-48

See also chs. 6 and 7.

Luke 9:11 (M)


Lift up the hands that hang down and the failing knees. See Isaiah 35:1 and healing Isaiah 29:18.

Isaiah 29:18,19

Isaiah 35:3

Hebrews 12:12 (P)

Christ by whose stripes ye have been healed. See Isaiah 53:5. See also references to healing in Isaiah 29:18,19, but keep in mind what He suffered at the hands of men and what He suffered at the hands of God each in their own setting.

Isaiah 29:18,19

Isaiah 53:5

1 Peter 2:24 (P)

See footnote "l" in J.N.D. bible bruise ,marks left by scourging.


I will heal their backslidings, resulting in Millennial blessings. See references in Deut 30:3-10, Psalm 72:1-19, and Isaiah 29:18,19.

Isaiah 29:18,19

Deuteronomy 30:3-10

Psalms 72:1-19

Hosea 14:4-7 (P)


"Bind up that which was broken, and strengthen that which was sick". See many references in Isaiah 29:18,19.

Isaiah 29:18,19

Ezekiel 34:16 (P)


"I will apply a healing dressing". JND bible. See Isaiah 29:18,19

Isaiah 29:18,19

Jeremiah 33:6 (P)


Comfort to him that mourns. See most references in Isaiah 29:18.

Isaiah 29:18

Isaiah 57:18 (P)

JND v11, pp133

JND Collected writings. Article also bears on Isaiah ch. 58.


See most references in Isaiah 29:18,19.

Isaiah 29:18,19

Isaiah 42:17 (P)


Healing, eyes of blind opened, ears of deaf unstopped, lame leap as a hart, tongue of the dumb sing. See most references in Isaiah 29:18,19.

Isaiah 29:18,19

Isaiah 35:5,6 (P)

Strengthen the weak hands and the failing knees. See also healing; Isaiah 29:18,19.

Isaiah 29:18,19

Isaiah 35:3,4 (P)

Hebrews 12:12

JND v11, pp132

JND Collected writings.


No sickness in the Millennium. See most references of healing in Isaiah 29:18,19.

Isaiah 29:18,19

Isaiah 33:24 (P)


Healing, binding up, comforts etc.

Isaiah 29:18-19 (P)

Blind see, deaf hear.

Exodus 15:26

Jehovah Rophi, Jehovah who healeth thee.

Isaiah 32:3-4

Eyes not dim and ears shall hearken.

Isaiah 33:24

No sickness.

Isaiah 35:5-6

Eyes of the blind opened,and ears of the deaf unstopped,and the lame man to leap as a hart.

Isaiah 42:7

Blind see, prisoners released.

Isaiah 53:5

By his stripes we are healed. While the links to healing are good this would really link with his atoning sufferings.

Isaiah 57:18

Comforts to them that mourn.

Isaiah 61:1

Bind up the broken hearted. See Luke 4:18 and to the blind sight is added.

Jeremiah 30:17

Heal their wounds and apply a bandage.

Jeremiah 33:6

I will apply a healing dressing. JND bible.

Ezekiel 34:16

" Bind up that which was brocken, and will strenghten that which was sick".

Hosea 14:4-7

I will heal their backslidings.

Malachi 4:2

Healing in His wings.

Matthew 8:16-16

Healed all that were ill.See Isaiah53:4.

Luke 4:18

Blind sight,crushed delivered.See link with Isaiah 61:1.

Luke 9:11

He cured those that had need of healing.

Acts 3:6-7

Healing of the lame man. Wonders of the name "Jesus the Nazarene. see footnote "d" Matt.2:23 JND bible.

Acts 10:38

Went through all quarters doing good and healing all that were under the power of the devil.Many other references in the gospels, Acts and epistles not listed here.

Hebrews 12:12

1 Peter 2:24

By whos stripes you are healed. See Isaiah 53:5.


Heal their wounds. See many references in Isaiah 25:8 and 29:18.

Isaiah 29:18

Isaiah 25:8

Jeremiah 30:17 (P)