Isaiah Chapter 57

Isaiah 57:15 (P)

Isaiah 66:2

Mourn, contrite

Matthew 5:4 (G)


Jehovah-rophi, He who healeth.

Isaiah 57:18-19

Healing his people.

Genesis 22:14

Exodus 15:26 (G)


Healing, binding up, comforts etc.

Isaiah 57:18

Comforts to them that mourn.

Exodus 15:26

Jehovah Rophi, Jehovah who healeth thee.

Isaiah 29:18-19 (P)

Blind see, deaf hear.

Isaiah 32:3-4

Eyes not dim and ears shall hearken.

Isaiah 33:24

No sickness.

Isaiah 35:5-6

Eyes of the blind opened,and ears of the deaf unstopped,and the lame man to leap as a hart.

Isaiah 42:7

Blind see, prisoners released.

Isaiah 53:5

By his stripes we are healed. While the links to healing are good this would really link with his atoning sufferings.

Isaiah 61:1

Bind up the broken hearted. See Luke 4:18 and to the blind sight is added.

Jeremiah 30:17

Heal their wounds and apply a bandage.

Jeremiah 33:6

I will apply a healing dressing. JND bible.

Ezekiel 34:16

" Bind up that which was brocken, and will strenghten that which was sick".

Hosea 14:4-7

I will heal their backslidings.

Malachi 4:2

Healing in His wings.

Matthew 8:16-16

Healed all that were ill.See Isaiah53:4.

Luke 4:18

Blind sight,crushed delivered.See link with Isaiah 61:1.

Luke 9:11

He cured those that had need of healing.

Acts 3:6-7

Healing of the lame man. Wonders of the name "Jesus the Nazarene. see footnote "d" Matt.2:23 JND bible.

Acts 10:38

Went through all quarters doing good and healing all that were under the power of the devil.Many other references in the gospels, Acts and epistles not listed here.

Hebrews 12:12

1 Peter 2:24

By whos stripes you are healed. See Isaiah 53:5.


Comfort to him that mourns. See most references in Isaiah 29:18.

Isaiah 57:18 (P)

Isaiah 29:18

JND v11, pp133

JND Collected writings. Article also bears on Isaiah ch. 58.

Regathering and Restoration of All Israel in the Future

Jehovah regathering His people. His remnant shall feed and lie down. They will have pure speech. See links in regathering in Deut.30:20-22. For the remnant see Isaiah 10:20-22.

Isaiah 57:19

Create the fruit of the lips.

Deuteronomy 30:3-10

Nehemiah 13:24 (G)

Spoke half the language of Ashdod.

Isaiah 10:20-22

Isaiah 19:18

Speaking the language of Canaan.

Jeremiah 31:23

Captivity turned and "they shall again use this speech".

Zephaniah 3:9-20 (P)

Acts 2:39-41

JND v2, pp337,366

JND Collected writings.

JND v11, pp277,308

JND Collected writings.