Jeremiah Chapter 51


The mystery of the woman and the beast which carries her, which has 7 heads and 10 horns. 5 heads are fallen, one is and one is to come. 1.Egypt, 2.Assyria, 3.Babylon, 4.Medo-Persia, 5.Greece, 6.Rome. 7.The revived Roman empire. See many links below.

Jeremiah 51:1,8

Daniel 2:32,33,41-45

Daniel 7:20,21,24

Philippians 4:3

Revelation 11:7

Revelation 13:1,3,16-18

Revelation 16:13,14,16

Revelation 17:1-6

Revelation 17:7-13 (P)

10 horns are 10 kings that have no kingdom but recieve power 1 hour from the beast. The beast who was not and now is is the 8th.

Revelation 18:1-19

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Babel (confusion). Scriptures below trace the path of Babylon and Satan right through to their final doom in Rev. Comment: Why in Ezekiel is there so little reference to Babylon when the Jews were captive there?

Jeremiah 51:7-10, 47-58

Genesis 11:9 (P)

See further history of Babylon in Isaiah 13&14.

Psalms 137:4

Isaiah 13:1-22

judgment of Babylon.

Isaiah 14:1-23

Judgment on king of Babylon (Sennacherib) Link to Lucifer.Compare to King of Tyre in Ezek. 28 : 11-19.

Isaiah 21:9

Isaiah 47:1-15

Isaiah 48:20

Isaiah 52:11

Depart, depart, a hint of coming out of Babylon.

Jeremiah 7:18

queen of heaven.

Jeremiah 25:10-14

Jeremiah 25:12

Jeremiah 44:17-19

queen of heaven.

Jeremiah 50:8-9,35-46

Ezekiel 8:14-15

Weeping for Tammuz.

Zechariah 2:6-9

Zechariah 5:5-11

2 Corinthians 6:17

come out of her my people see Is 52:11 & Rev.18 & 19.

Revelation 14:8

Revelation 16:19

Revelation 17:1-9

Revelation 17:15-18

Babylon's destruction (religious) by the beast and 10 kings (horns).

Revelation 18:1-24

Babylon destroyed (commercial system). The Lord God judges her.

Revelation 19:1-5

Note hallelujahs rare in the N.T.Reserved for Babylon's destruction, concluding in 1 for the Lord our God, related to the marraige supper of the Lamb. The false corrupt woman removed to make way for the Lamb's wife.


Destruction of Babylon.( Rev. 17,18) See history in Gen 11:9. Note Horses come up like "bristly caterpillars", like Rev.9:7-9.

Jeremiah 51:7-10,47-58 (P)

Genesis 11:9


Destruction of Babylon politically and commercially. Note when the Medes and Persians took over in 539 BC they did not destroy the city, but it gradually diminished. Saddaam Hussein put in great effort to rebuild some areas. See links below.

Jeremiah 51:8

Genesis 11:9

Overview of Babylon.

Isaiah 13:1-22

Note comments in JND synopsis vol.2 about Isaiah 13 pgs.220.221(see footnote pg.221.)

Isaiah 21:9

Jeremiah 50:39-40

Revelation 16:19

Revelation 17:1-6

Revelation 18:1-24 (P)

Note Isaiah 13:9-16 may well look to this future day of destruction.

JND v5, pp62-69

JND Collected writings.

JND v2, pp245-248

JND Collected writing. Notes on the Revelation.

Millennial rule established in the midst of the enemies.

Jeremiah 51:19-21 (P)

Psalms 68:1 (P)

Psalms 110:2 (P,M)


5th TRUMPET: 1st WOE. Star fallen to the earth. Locusts released from the pit. They torment for 5 months those who have not the seal of God on their foreheads. Their leader's name is Apollyon. See many links below.

Jeremiah 51:27

Horses like bristly caterpillars.

Job 26:6

Destruction. See footnote"e" Abaddon which may link with Apollyon.

Proverbs 30:27


Isaiah 14:15

Satan's world, the pit.

Ezekiel 28:16-19

Satans world.

Joel 1:6

A nation come up against Isreal with teeth like the teeth of a Lion.

Luke 10:18

Satan cast out of heaven

2 Peter 2:4

Fallen angels cast into the pit of gloom.

Jude 1:6

Fallen angels, kept in eternal chains under gloomy darkness.

Revelation 7:2,3

Note. Those with the seal of God on their forhead are exempt from the scourge of the locusts.

Revelation 9:1-12 (P)

JND v5, pp28,29

JND Collected writings.


Heaven and the saints rejoice that God has judged your judgment upon her. See Jer 51:48 and Rev 19:2.

Jeremiah 51:48

Revelation 18:20 (P)

Revelation 19:2


A strong angel takes a great millstone and casts it into the sea saying: thus with violence shall Babylon be cast down and shall be no more at all. See Isaiah 24:8,9 and Jer 51:49,63,64.

Jeremiah 51:48

Isaiah 24:8,9

Revelation 18:21-23 (P)

No more at all shall be heard, harp singers and musicians etc., articifers of art, voice of millstone, light of lamp and voice of bridegroom and bride.