Acts Chapter 15

Christ as Branch and Root

Christ as branch, root, sprout, deliverer and horn of salvation. Note as branch and root Christ is qualified to be both king and priest in the millennium.

Acts 15:15-19

Rebuild the tabernacle of David.

Psalms 132:17

See footnote "b" JND bible.

Isaiah 4:2 (P,M)

Isaiah 11:1 (M)

Isaiah 11:1,10

See footnote "i" vs. 10 JND bible.

Isaiah 52:10

Isaiah 53:2

Jeremiah 23:5

Jeremiah 33:15-18

Ezekiel 17:22-24

Ezekiel 29:21

Amos 9:11,12

Tabernacle of David.

Zechariah 3:8

Zechariah 6:12

Matthew 2:23

See footnote "d" JND bible.

Luke 1:69

Acts 3:6

See link to Matt. 2:23 and footnote "d" in JND bible.

Romans 15:12

Hebrews 7:14

Revelation 5:5,6

Revelation 22:16

JND v2, pp357

JND Collected writings.

Tabernacle of David built and Gentiles seeking the Lord. See Amos 9:11,12

Acts 15:15-18 (P)

Amos 9:11,12

Christ as Branch and Root

Tabernacle of David raised up. See many references to David in the future day in Isaiah 4:2.

Acts 15:15-18

Isaiah 4:2

Amos 9:11,12 (P)

Luke 1:32

God shall give him the throne of David.