Jeremiah Chapter 49

Day of the Lord (Judgement in the Tribulation)

Christ as warrior to fight for and deliver His people. See many references in Isaiah 2:12. He appears to have further issues with Edom in the last days, as seen in Isaiah11:14,21, Isaiah 34:5, Jeremiah 49:7-22, and Amos 9: 11,12.

Jeremiah 49:7-22

Psalms 60:9-12

Psalms 108:10-13

Isaiah 2:12

Isaiah 11:14

Isaiah 33:16

Isaiah 34:5

Especial link with Isaiah 63:1-6 about Edom.

Isaiah 34:6-8


Isaiah 42:11-13

Isaiah 52:12

Isaiah 59:16-18

Isaiah 63:1-6 (P,M)

Daniel 11:41

Edom escapes the realm of the beast. Area of Jordan today. Where the remnant will be kept safe .

Amos 9:11,12

Obadiah 1:21

Saviours come up on mount Zion to judge the mount oF Esau, probably in the last days, similar to Isaiah 63:1-6

Micah 2:12-13

Revelation 12:6,14

Revelation 19:11-20

Part of Christ's appearing, coming from Bozrah .

Jeremiah 49:20-22 (P,M)

Isaiah 34:1-7 (P,M)

Isaiah 63:1-6 (P,M)

Micah 2:12-13 (P,M)

Habakkuk 3:3 (P,M)

End of Days

End of days. (See Isaiah 2:2 footnote "i" in J.N.D. bible). Covering a long period from the Messiah's first coming to the time of His public appearing. See many other references below.

Jeremiah 49:39

Genesis 49:1

Numbers 24:14 (P)

Deuteronomy 4:30

Deuteronomy 31:29

Isaiah 2:2

See footnote "i", JND bible.

Jeremiah 23:20

Jeremiah 30:24

Jeremiah 48:47

Ezekiel 38:8,16

Daniel 2:28

Daniel 10:14

Hosea 3:5

Micah 4:1

1 Timothy 4:1-3

Some will apostatise in the latter times.

2 Timothy 3:1-5

Difficult times in the last days.

Hebrews 1:2

See Footnote "h", JND bible.

James 5:3

A hint of the last days.Treasure gone like Rev.18:17.

2 Peter 2:1-22

2 Peter 3:3

1 John 2:18

Last hour. Many antichrists.

Jude 1:18

At the end of the dispensation. many mockers.

JND v3, pp1,2

JND Notes and Comments vol 3.

End of Days

Bringing captivity of Elam into restoration the latter days. Susan the main city of Persia was there. Bears on the lower part of Iran today, where there is a large nuclear reactor. See ref. in Nu. 24:14.

Jeremiah 49:39 (P)

Numbers 24:14