Jeremiah Chapter 22

The line of Solomon's Kingly succession terminated in Coniah.

Jeremiah 22:24-30

Coniah, Jehoiachin.

Jeremiah 52:31 (G)


The Lord's genealogy from Joseph in Matthew is more official and includes Solomon but Luke's follows the seed of the woman Gen. 3:15 and carries on with Nathan Luke 3:31. See how Solomon's is ended in Jeremiah 22:29-30.

Jeremiah 22:29-30

Line ends with Coniah.

1 Kings 9:6

Promise to Solomon more conditional. His end was bad.

Jeremiah 52:31

Solomon's line ends with Jehoiachin-Coniah.

Luke 3:31 (G)

Nathan is the continuation rather than Solomon. Mary's line links with Genesis 3:15 and Galatians 4:4-5.