Psalms Chapter 34

Angels of Rev. 14

ANGEL 3. This angel gives the warning to those who do homage to the beast and its image, and who receive the mark upon their forehead or hand. They shall be tormented forever. See links in Rev 13:13,13:14,15,13:16-18 and other links below.

Psalms 34:8-10

Day of Jehovah's vengeance.

Psalms 75:8

Judgment on the wicked of the earth.

Isaiah 66:24

Jeremiah 25:15

Nations drink the cup of fury from the God of Isreal.

Daniel 2:32,33,41-45

Matthew 13:41,42

All offences of the kingdom gathered and cast into the furnace of fire.

Revelation 13:13

Revelation 13:14,15

Revelation 13:16-18

Revelation 13:9,10

Revelation 14:9-11 (P)

Revelation 15:7

JND v5, pp46

JND Collected writings.

The heathen judged, fatherless and oppressed are no more oppressed.

Psalms 34:15

Psalms 10:16-18 (P)

Psalms 29:10

JND v11, pp136

JND Collected writings.

Looks to Christ's offering, "not a bone of Him shall be broken".

Psalms 34:20

Exodus 12:46 (P,M)

John 19:36

Christ Suffering at the Hands of Men

Not a bone of His shall be broken.

Psalms 34:20 (P,M)

Exodus 12:46

Numbers 9:12

John 19:36

Christ Speaking of all the Scriptures Concerning Himself

Christ opened to the 11 and those with them all the scriptures concerning himself. See Luke 24:27 for Moses and the prophets and references below for the Psalms. See links in "prophetic scriptures" in Luke 24:44, Romans 16:26 and 2 Peter 1:20,21.See Chart

Psalms 34:20

Psalms 2:7

Psalms 8:5,9

Psalms 9:8

Psalms 16:8,10,11

Psalms 20:1

Psalms 21:4

Psalms 22:1-30

Psalms 31:5,11,13

Psalms 35:11,19

Psalms 38:11,12

Psalms 40:6-8

Psalms 41:9

Psalms 45:1-7

Psalms 55:12,13

Psalms 68:18

Psalms 69:4,7-9,21,25,28

Psalms 72:1-17

Psalms 78:2-4

Psalms 88:18

Psalms 89:29,36

Psalms 102:25-27

Psalms 109:3,4,8,25

Psalms 110:1,4

Psalms 118:22,23,26

Luke 24:44 (P,M)

Note between vss. 27 and 44 we have recorded 57 specific prophecies fulfilled by Christ.

Christ Suffering at the Hands of Men

Not a bone of Him shall be broken. See reference in Psalm 34:20.

Psalms 34:20

John 19:36 (P)