Jeremiah Chapter 19

Judgment on Judah because they sacrificed their sons and daughters in the valley of Hinnom. This was (among many other sins) the reason for the Babylonian captivity of Judah (2 Chronicles 36:16-21).

Jeremiah 19:1-15

Leviticus 18:21

Leviticus 20:2-5

Deuteronomy 12:31

Jeremiah 7:31-34 (P)

Jeremiah 31:40

Valley of dead bodies shall be holy unto Jehovah.

Judgment on Judah because of sacrificing their sons and daughters in the valley of Hinnom. See many references in Jer.7:31-34, also Tophet like Gehenna (lake of fire). See Isaiah, Mark and Rev. links below.

Jeremiah 19:1-15 (P)

Isaiah 66:24

Jeremiah 7:31-34

Mark 9:45-48

Revelation 20:10,14

Lake of Fire

Description of the lake of fire, and judgment.

Jeremiah 19:4-6

Isaiah 66:24 (P)

Jeremiah 25:15

Matthew 11:23

See footnote "c" in JND bible.Sheol, hades compared to gehenna(lake of fire).

Matthew 13:41,42

Mark 9:45-48

Luke 8:31

Luke 16:23

2 Peter 2:4

Jude 1:6-7

Revelation 14:9-11

Revelation 20:10,14

JND v2, pp364,365

JND Collected writings.

Death and hades cast into the lake of fire, and those not found in the book of life. See references in Rev 20:5,6 about the first resurrection and second death and links about the the book of life.

Jeremiah 19:6

Isaiah 66:24

Book of life.

Luke 16:23

John 5:25-29

1 Corinthians 6:9,10

Galatians 5:21

Ephesians 5:5

Revelation 3:5

Book of life.

Revelation 19:19,20

Revelation 20:14,15 (P)

Revelation 20:5,6

Revelation 21:8

Revelation 22:15