Exodus Chapter 28

Jewels on the breastplate. Compare to jewels in the wall in Rev.

Exodus 28:15-20 (G)

Revelation 21:19-20

The foundations of the wall are adorned with 12 precious stones: 1.jasper, 2.sapphire, 3.chalcedony, 4.emerald, 5.sardoyx, 6.sardius, 7.chrysolte, 8.beryl, 9.topaz, 10.chrysoprasus, 11.jacinth, 12.amethyst. See Ex 28:15-20 and Isaiah 54:11. OT foundations

Exodus 28:15-20

Isaiah 54:11

Revelation 21:19,20 (P)

JND v5, pp99

JND Collected writings.