Psalms Chapter 144

A new song.

Psalms 144:3 (G)

Revelation 14:3

12 Tribes of Israel

The 144,000 seen as having the name of the Father on their foreheads. They sing a new song before the 4 living creatures and elders. They as virgins follow the Lamb wheresoever it goes. See links in Rev. 14 1-5, and others below, (different from Rev.7?)

Psalms 144:9

New song like Rev.14:3.

Psalms 33:1-3

New song like Rev. 14:3

Psalms 40:3

New song like Rev.14:3.

Psalms 96:1

New song like Rev.14:3.

Isaiah 40:9

Zephaniah 3:13

The remnant of Isreal shall not speak lies. See Rev.14:5.

Revelation 3:15

Christ's voice as voice of many waters, Rev.14:2.

Revelation 5:9

They sing a new song, see Rev.14:3.

Revelation 14:1-5 (P)

Also note chart of 12 tribes in Gen.49.

Revelation 19:6

Voice of a great crowd having the voice of strong thunders and many waters.

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